help for a friend

a friend had a recent hd update and ever since cant record using audacity … shes using windows 7 … she gets a top channel only… but this is missing the bottom section … have screen shots from her but cant see a link to uplaod

thanks jim

cant see a link to uplaod

From a forum text window, scroll down to Attachments and then Add Files.

a friend had a recent hd updat

Can we get the friend to post? Troubleshooting like you want is the worst possible way. It’s the Telephone Game coupled with He Said She Said and nine or more hour internet delays.



Sorry, but I “accidentally” disapproved & deleted your other post with the link because I thought it was spam.

Try again but post here as a reply instead of starting a new topic/thread.

no problem heres the screen shot attached

this is what it sounds like

any ideas folks ?? … happened after a hard drive got installed …