help for a brand new user (?)

Hi there -

I’m new to audacity and I’m already very frustrated.
I’ve read all the tutorials.
I’ve watched all the youtube videos.

Yet I still cannot achieve the very basics of breaking up a wav audio file into separate tracks using audacity?

Can some kind soul help?

Thanks. :smiley:

Say that again and use different words.

“I want to split the first minute of a song into its own file?”
“I want to split the Left and Right of a stereo show into their own files?”


This tutorial is probably what you need:


We don’t make those - some of them are plain wrong, and some of them will have been made for versions of Audacity that are now obsolete.

Any YouTube tutorials about Audacity that we have looked at and recommend for use with current Audacity will be listed here: Missing features - Audacity Support .