Help for 3.10.5 Overdubbing, etc.

I can record on 3.10.5 (My first download of Audacity). I have consulted the manual and tutorials for overdubbing but my version of Audacity looks nothing like (and does not contain the same menus or options as those in the tutorials. What am I doing wrong? (Using Windows 10).

I can record on 3.10.5

There is no such (official) version. The latest is version 3.0.2, just released a couple of days ago and available from [u][/u].

I THINK [u]this tutorial[/u] is up to date.

Thanks! The 3.10.5 “version” I downloaded was from Ocenaudio. The one you linked matches the tutorials I have seen.

That isn’t “Audacity”. That’s another audio editor (that appears to be “inspired by” Audacity).

Audacity is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Downloads