Help fixing my aup file?

Using Audacity 2.0.5 and I am having troubles for the … time with opening saved aup files (important interviews for broadcasting :cry: )

The file I would like to fix can be found as attachment.

I tried this:
open file
Import as audio
import as raw data
import as midi (hopeless)

And I get this message: did not recognize the file …
If it is not a compression-file, please try to import it as a raw-data file.

When i did this:
Coded Signed 16 bit PCM

Byte order: upside down
Sample frequency: 44100

What is imported is a strange thing…I attach a screenshot to show. Please, can anybody fix it and help me to look for a bug or something? My brother has been abled to fix the other times, but I can’t ask him all the time and want to know what I am or de program is doing wrong…Thanks so much!
Audacity raw dat.png
Bemoeizorg 5 jan 14 uur.aup (39.6 KB)

AUP is not an Audacity sound file.

An Audacity Project has a AUP file which contains the instructions how Audacity is to construct the show from the contents of the _DATA folder of the same name. You must have both and they have to both be in the same place or folder for the show to open.

Where is your _DATA folder?


That is a complete, self-contained project. Double click the AUP file and Audacity will automatically launch and open the show.


This is a screenshot of what your AUP looks like in a text editor. Look for the tag projname=" That’s what your _DATA folder looks like.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 21.06.48.png

Just to clarify, the only way to open an AUP file is File > Open… .


the only way to open an AUP file is File > Open

Maybe on your machine. On Macs double clicking opens the Project.


Yes, of course that works too (as long as the file association with Audacity is set correctly) and so does right-click > Open with.

I was referring to the list of methods that Humanismradio was using.


If you made the show and saved the project, then the _DATA folder may still be on your machine. Audacity will not search all over for it. You should use the Windows search tools to find it and then move it so that it’s close to its AUP file.

If the show was shot by someone else and provided to you, the producer should have provided both the AUP file and the _DATA folder. Without the _DATA folder, you have no show.