Help fixing a messed up wav

I’m hoping there is some trick or plugin I could use to help me, but I’m a real novice when it comes to this.

I’m recording audio from a Mackie DL1608, onto an iPad. I then transfer the .wav file from the iPad to a Windows computer running Audicity to tweak it and save it as an .mp3. I don’t think it’s Audacity’s problem, but the .wav file will be “fine”, and then at a certain point it starts clipping. It looks/sounds like the real data is still there, just buried beneath all the noise.

I’ve attached a screenshot where you can see the “normal” audio and then the corrupted portion. Any ideas how I can try and recover the data from this file?

View > Show Clipping. If there’s any red in the blue waves, that portion of the show is permanently damaged.

I then transfer the .wav file from the iPad to a Windows

So you still have the original recording. That’s the good news. It’s a very new user problem to accidentally lose or record over the original recording and have to shoot it again.

For straight, plain, uncomplicated sound work you should not be using Stereo Mix for anything. That may give you feedback which might be what that blue block is. Pick something real like a built-in Microphone or Stereo Line-In if your computer has one. Stereo Mix isn’t a real thing you can point to like a microphone. It’s a program that helps you record everything on your computer.