[help] Fix a Mp3 File! I beg you guys!

Hello guys, how are you all doing?

Years ago I made a recording using a program that i really can’t recognize the name.

The Problem: I make it and did listen to it, but when I did format my computer… It simple doesn’t play the song anymore!

Could anyone help me with make it playable again?

I cannot convert it because not a single software recognize it and I didn’t make it work with any kind codec =/

My skills are really basic!

Thanks a lot

If Audacity cannot import it, upload it to a free file transfer service like http://minus.com/ or https://castle.so/ and give us the web address where we can download it.


I managed to find the program name (was dbpoweramp)

But i really cannot make it playable in anyway =/

I managed to upload it!

Thanks for support me !

It’s just 2.1 MB of zero values. Completely unrecoverable I am afraid.


gale, i have it in wav.

Could i post it ?

If you made the WAV from the MP3 that you posted, there would be no point. If you think there is some chance the WAV could be corrupted but not empty, yes you can post a link to it.