Help finidng the right effects to fix very distroted audio

Hi guys. This is very helpful how you have this forum. I am new to audacity and trying to fix up an audio. It is terrible, not sure if too loud or too quiet or both. I have attached a sample, you will see. Can you tell me how I can fix this up?

I am using 2.1.2 on Windows 10

Thank you very much

The loudness is about the only thing correct.

There are no tones or frequencies higher than 3000 Hz, which makes it muffled and the Audacity telephone filters don’t help. It has auditorium echo and it sounds like someone tried to apply noise reduction.

We can’t cure echo and we can’t take effects or processing out of a performance.

So I think you’re stuck.


Alright. Thanks for taking your time to explain

Check back in case someone else wants to take a shot a correcting it. The forum elves cover 9 time zones.


It’s beyond fixing.

Frequencies above 3300 Hz are totally missing, so that’s why it sounds muffled. You can’t “improve” what’s not there.

There’s a lot of echo/reverberation, which is very difficult to deal with even if everything else about the audio is good. Also, the recording is ‘mono’ (identical audio in both left and right channels), so that rules out the possibility of separating “direct” sound from “surround” reverberation.

It also sounds like either aggressive noise reduction has already been applied, or the audio has been heavily compressed into a lossy audio format, or both. Both of these processes cause irreversible loss of sound quality.

Sadly, what you have is as good as it gets, unless you have another (better) version somewhere.