Help finding an "ASIO compliant" version!

I’m a hobby user & not technically inclined (I’m a musician, not a techno).

I have a FireStudio Project that I’d dearly like to use with Audacity, but it seems to need an “ASIO compile”. (want to do multi track live recording)

Please can anyone suggest or point me to where I can get such a version? I’m not looking for “Audacity Forum” to endorse this, just need some hobby help!

Please can anyone suggest or point me to where I can get such a version?

I’m guessing we can’t help you. If someone happens by that has a compiled version, then you two play nice.

Audacity is not supplied with either MP3 or ASIO because of rights problems. We can’t fold license fees into the Audacity price because Audacity is free.

There is another odd problem with getting an ASIO version from somebody. You will not be able to keep up with version advance and patches. Support will slowly dry up unless you repeatedly get the latest build. So it’s not a one-off gift.


Worse than that, if someone posted a link to an ASIO-enabled build of Audacity we would remove the link, because by definition it would be illegal, either breaking our licence or Steinberg’s.

We can help you with compiling Audacity on Windows, but that’s as far as it goes.

If you installed a free Linux operating system, you would probably be able to use a generic FFADO Linux driver to enable multi-channel support, especially if you used the JACK host .

If you have a Mac computer, multi-channel recording should work fine with Audacity out-of-the-box.