Help exporting casette tapes

I just bought Ezcap to transfer some audio cassette tapes to my PC and then to CDs. Not sure if I did it correctly but the instructions said to set the options as follows: USB PnP and Stereo record. I then inserted the tape, pressed play, clicked red record button on Audacity screen and the tape seemed to be recording. When tape finished, I selected FILE and Export Audio and filled in file name, etc . When I now try and play the file I get a windows messages that says Ext unknown. How do I export it as a wav file?
The only export options I have under FILE are : export audio, export selected audio, export labels, export multiple, export Midi… I assume export Audio is as a WAV file?

PS> Exporting to an external drive, if that might be the problem…

Thanks for any help you can give.

File > Export Audio… is correct for WAV. But, don’t put periods (dots) in the file name when you export. If you want to export for example


you must type exactly that, including the terminating “.WAV”. Otherwise you’ll export a file called “Cowboy.Song”.

If that is not the problem, then perhaps you exported with AIFF extension due to an Audacity bug. This might happen if you chose WAV in “Other Uncompressed Files”. If that is the issue, make sure Windows is set to show file extensions, then you can rename the file from AIFF to WAV in File Explorer. Only the extension is wrong. The file is encoded correctly as WAV if you chose WAV.

Also it is recommended you install Audacity 2.1.2 from if you don’t already have it. See Help > About Audacity… for the version you have. Then you can use our Manual at Help > Manual (or view it online at