Help--Error: duplicate attribute at line 21

Hi–I’m making a montage of song clips for a wedding. I had 6 song clips and saved my project–there was no crash that I am aware of. Today when I tried to open up my .aup file to continue workin on it, I received the following error message: “Error: Error: duplicate attribute at line 21”
My file will not open and I do not know what this error means or how to open my file. Please advise!

I am using Mac OS X version 10.5.8
I am using Audacity version 2.0.1

PS. I’ve attached the file in quesiton.
gMontage.aup (21.6 KB)

Could you upload the .AUP file with your reply. (see the “Upload attachment” tab below the message composing box)


To fix a problem like this you can make a copy of the .aup for safety, then open the original .aup file in a text editor.

On Mac you may need to drag the text editor window wide so that there is no text wrapping to the next line.

Now look at the line in the error (21):

<tag name="Copyright" name="Copyright"/>

Each tag name has to be accompanied by a value (not a second “name”).

So in the attached corrected .aup I have changed line 21 to:

<tag name="Copyright" value="Copyright"/>

How did the .aup get like that? Did you edit the .aup, or add metadata using File > Open Metadata Editor…?

If you imported an audio file we ought to look at the file to make sure Audacity is handling the metadata safely.

gMontage.aup (21.6 KB)