Help empty files

My Audacity files are visible and filled with eg 200 MB And when opened the file is empty. When I close my file, the file is only 3 kb. What do you think is going on?

That would depend vastly on which version of Audacity you are running. The storage model changed dramatically between 2.4.2 and 3.0.0. Help > About Audacity would tell you…

How do you open files: Cmd-O or double-click or via the open file menu at the top of the screen?

Do this test:

  • take a file, duplicate the file in the finder multiple times (as a backup)
  • close Audacity
  • double-click one of the created test files

Does Audacity start?
Does the clicked file open correctly?
Is it empty?
Close the file: Is it still the same size as before or “3 kB” as you described?

If opened file is not empty, it could well be another report of the bug described here:
and here
(“Using Cmd-O and then arrow keys” seems to trigger the bug. So does “Closing all Audacity windows and then using Cmd-O”. Sounds weird, but that’s what I found out so far.)

If it’s still empty, it could be something else.