Help editing an audio

Can some kind soul help me?
My wife and I can hear a ticking sound in our flat at night which we would like to send to the managing agent to investigate.
The ticking is very faint but disturbs us at night because it is directly behind our bed head.
I have recorded the sound (attached) and if you listen carefully you can hear the ticking but I can’t find a way to clear the hissing so the ticking is more audible.
The clip is 21 seconds long but I just need a few seconds sample.
I have tried using Audacity and it seems to have the right tools but I’m getting nowhere as

a novice.
Can anyone more proficient kindly edit the audio so the ticking is clearer?
Thanks so much!!

Maybe an old electromechanical electricity-meter, or timer : it’s ticking every 240ms


We doubt it that’s because it only started a few weeks ago and we’ve been here for 15 years. Have you tidied up the sound? If so how do I download it.
Thanks so much!

20200517-062405, before-after.jpg

brilliant - thanks so much!