help - dvd music to cd

This may be easy, but I have a dvd concert and would like a recording of it on cd for my car. can it be done and how?

I lift music off my DVDs by running a lead from the RCA outputs on my DVD payer and plugging into my soundcard - and then record with Audacity.

But it’s possible that there may be ripping software available - try a search of t’interweb (Google and Yahoo are your friends …)


WC’s method is simple and should work well, but as he suggested it is possible to “Rip” the audio from a DVD, but it is a little bit complicated to do. There are tutorials, and software available from the “Doom9” for doing this.

<<<“Rip” the audio from a DVD>>>

Your task is to rip one of the audios from a DVD. DVDs have multiple audio tracks and you need to get the right one. Those audio cables look pretty good to me, especially since you can get a very good transfer that way…and you are going to listen to it in your car. We’re not mastering Shostakovich here.