[Help] Downmix 5.1 to 2.0, what effect aply to...?

Hi everyone, this is my question:

I downmixes an audio file with BeHappy program to 2.0, wichs results in a wav file, but in my case (audio from a movie) the explosions sounds to loud an voices to down. What effect can apply to resolve this issue, sorry for my english.

Previously I have apply a normalization and a compression but I don’t now if this is right.


That sounds like you tried to make a stereo recording after the 5.1 Dolby player produced the audio signals. That will be after Dialnorm has done its job so the explosions will be loud and if you don’t mix down with the center channel, the dialog will be missing.

So the mix was produced wrong and you can’t fix that in post production. There are sound channels actually missing. Do you have access to the original AC3 files?


Yes, I have the original files. So you’re saying that downmixing the 5.1 files to 2.0 with BeHappy is not the way?. I hope you can say me how can I do it only with Audacity, thank you.

Hello again. I Watched this tutorial (Link!!!) and touching the volumes in diferent ways that the captures, the result it just fine for me. If you’re not agree with this config, please let me now why, thanks.


That procedure looks OK to me.

I rushed to claim victory, sorry.

I’ve two 5.1 files, one of them (CAPTURE 1) the audios from explosions, things, voices, etc. are normalized (I don’t have to raise down or up the volumen during the reproduction). In the CAPTURE 2 the explosions, shots, etc. are too loud and the voices too low.

So, my question is:

1). That can be fixed?
2). If not, the audio was extracted wrong? (bluray’s, dvd’s, ect.)
3). There is any solutions?