Help downloading nyquist plug ins


I’m semi computer illiterate, so I need help with this. I download the plug in, then I try to copy and paste it into the Audacity program file folder, sub folder “plug ins”. However, I get an error messaging. Is this because the computer can’t copy this computer language?

I can’t download directly into the Audacity folder because I’m not using the administrative account, and the computer won’t prompt me to enter the password and gain access.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.


What error message exactly?

If you can’t download and save into the “plug-ins” folder because you do not have the required permissions, than you also can’t copy into the “plug-ins” folder for exactly the same reasons. On Windows you can use the Audacity zip-file version, which needs no administrator privileges. If it’s not Windows then we need more informations which operating system you’re using (Mac, Unix, Linux, what Unix version, what Linux distro, etc.)

  • edgar