Help deleting 1 second of file

Hi, I am new to audacity, just started using it today.

I have successfully put two tracks together to make one long track. I have deleted part of the second track but cant quite get it to merge flawlessly. I think I need to delete an extra second for the two ends to sound as if no editing has been done?

Help please?


Drag-select a second of work and press the Delete key? You may need to Zoom into the work to get the timing right and you can always back out with UNDO if you miss it.


Ensure that “Snap to” is off (not selected)

If you need help with how to zoom, see here:

And you may get a “click” at the join if the waveforms either side don’t match.

You should be able to fix this by selecting samples either side of the join (maximum 128 samples) you’ll need to zoom in for this - and then use Effect > Repair