Help - Cursor not visible in Windows 10

Long time Audacity user on Windows 7. Just opened Audacity 2.3.3 on new Win10 laptop and the cursor is completely invisible against the tan background in the waveform window. Appreciate help on whatever Win/Aud settings can fix this. Thanks!

You can change the colour scheme (theme) in Audacity preferences.

There is also an interface preference to “blend system & Audacity theme”,
toggling that option may make some things more/less obvious, without changing the theme.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. Changing to “dark” allows me to see the tiny white cursor now (cursor was bigger in Win7).

You can change the size of the cursor in Windows,
see …

Changing the size of the cursor in Windows has no effect on the cursor size displayed in Audacity’s waveform window.

Audacity does not yet fully support high dpi. Patches are welcome.

Mouse pointer can be made bigger in some areas of an Audacity window …

Windows mouse pointer made bigger & bolder.gif