Help creating and applying a simple chain

I have about 2000 files that I want to use with the NotchFilter.

I was able to create a chain with the NotchFilter parameters I require but I can’t quite see how the files themselves are loaded and saved.

I tried ApplyChain and select the root of the directory structure where my files reside. I don’t see how the files are selected, nothing appeared when I tried entering *.aiff as the file name. The files are actually in subdirectories below the root so it is pretty obvious that no searching for files is being done. I can select files if I enter the various subdirectories, but that seems to defeat the whole purpose of using subdirectories.

I also looked in the chain commands for an option to save an AIFF file. Although there are several ExportXXXX commands none of them are directly applicable and apparently I can’t edit them to create a new chain command. How optional uncompressed formats specificed in a chain?

I just need a simple chain that will perform 3 steps on all the files in my tree:

  1. Load file (24/48 AIFF)
  2. Apply Notch filter
  3. Save file (24/48 AIFF)

2000 files is too many to apply at once. Try a few hundred.

The file search in Chains is not recursive. The files must be in the directory that is opened in “Select file(s) for batch processing”.

You can only export WAV, MP3, OGG and FLAC in Chains. If you want an old experimental build that supports all the missing formats, please send me a Private Message. However you will need to put the files you want to process in one folder first.