HELP - "Couldn't Find The Project Data Folder" / "Could Not Load File"

Hi all.

So yesterday I spent a good amount grabbing audio from a forest continuously using new tracks but all under the same project. By the end of it, I wanted to save but before doing so, I wanted to amplify one of the tracks… and that’s when the entire project froze… This has happened to me before and the program had managed to recover it. But in this case, as the subject reads, the program couldn’t find the folder nor load it.

I’ve Youtubed this, but all I’m finding are videos from about a decade ago.

Anyone have any experience with this with hopefully some successful results that they could share?

Have a great day.


I’m guessing that you are using an ancient version of Audacity. Which version is it? (Look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)