Help Converting Audio

Trying to create on hold music and having a tough time of it. Got the audio in at 32 bit stereo at 44Khz. Edited just the way I like it.

The on hold music box is a Eletech DP-100. It takes CF cards and has a requirement of:
Supported Sound File Format
Windows .wav, monaural output
8-bit uncompressed PCM sampled at 11, 16 or 22 KHz

I know hot to drop the stereo tracks and get it down to 8-bit, but if I drop the rate to 22KHz the audio is slow and garbled.

If i put the 44KHz file in 8-bit on the machine it plays the same way.

Any idea on how to drop the rate but also keep the audio clean?

Leave the sample rate in the track at 44100 Hz.
Change the “Project Rate” (bottom left corner of the main screen) to 22000 (or whatever you want). The exported file will be at the same sample rate as the “Project Rate” setting.

Tried it all the way down to 8KHz, still does the same thing. I am exporting as 8-bit, but leaving it as 32 in the work file.

The audio sounds fine on my computer, but in the on hold box, it sounds like it’s slowed down.

Any other ideas?

Can Audacity export uncompressed 8-bit WAVs? I’m not sure. AFAIK Audacity can only export uncompressed 16-bit and 32-bit WAVs. An uncompressed 16-bit WAV (exported by Audacity), played as 8-bit WAV by the Eletech DP-100 sounds garbled.

Edit: just checked, Audacity_2.0 indeed can export uncompressed 8-bit WAV files.

Have you already tried to type a “Project Rate” of e.g. 11000 Hz (instead of the Audacity 11050 Hz preset) into the text field of the “Project Rate”? Low-CPU players can be extremely picky about such things.

It says you can if you save it as other uncompressed files, then select unsigned 8-bit in the options.

There’s a free program called MediaInfo that you can use to check the format of WAV (and other media) file.