Help Converting 32 bit Float to 16 bit Pcm

So, I need help converting a mp3 file (in Stereo, 32 bit float4100hz) into a wav file ( 41100 hz16 pcm.) If this is possible, could you please type out step by step process on how to achieve this or post link of youtube vid on topic. Thank you for much needed help in this matter. It’s my first time posting here and I am a beginner at Audacity.

Help appreciated by all.

Drag’n’Drop your MP3 file into Audacity. then export as (16-bit) WAV …

BTW#1, I think you mean 44100Hz, not 4100Hz sample rate,
& no such thing as a 32-bit MP3: all audio is converted into “32-bit float” in Audacity.

BTW#2 converting from MP3 to WAV will not improve the sound quality.

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