Help cleaning a couple short sound files

I know this sounds stupid, but I need help cleaning up a couple sound files from my fiancé unknowingly calling me. The content is questionable & disturbing to me from what I can hear. I’ve tried using Audacity. What a neat program! I’ve played with it quite a bit, but still can’t accomplish making a clear file. AND I don’t know the terminology. haha! I just need someone willing to help put my mind at ease. If you are willing to help, please email me privately for the files. Thanks a bunch!! Becky [Removed by Elf]

I pulled your email address down. We get visits from spam generators looking for email addresses to use. You probably don’t want email from those people.

Your girlfriend butt-dialed you by accident and all you had was the audio recording program that doesn’t record the far side voice. Some of the voice leaked through the body of the phone and into the recording and now you need to turn it into clear speech. Did I hit it?

Audacity doesn’t do forensics and forum regulars are not equipped to help you. Google “Audio Forensics.”