HELP! Can't stitch two audio files together

Hi there

I am trying to stitch two audio files i’ve made (for a new podcast) but I can’t seem to do it. I have the first file open then go File > Import > Audio and then choose my file. When i do that i get this message “X file is an Audacity Project file. Use the File > Open command to open Audacity Projects”.

When i open the file though it just opens in a second window. I can’t figure out any way to add the two files together!? It’s certainly far more difficult that it should be anyway…

Any help appreciated.


Audacity “projects” are not audio files. Project files comprise of a data folder (containing the audio data), and a “project file” that tells Audacity what to do with that data.

To create a normal audio file, you must “Export” the audio from the project.

The easiest way to think of this is; use “Open” and “Save” for “projects”, use “Import” and “Export” for audio files.
More info about Audacity projects here:

That’s because you are not opening an audio file, you are opening an Audacity project.
What you need to do is to open that project, then “Export” the audio from that project as an audio file (I’d recommend exporting as a WAV file as WAV files support excellent sound quality).
You will then be able to “Import” that WAV file into your other project.

Oh Steve you’re a bloody genius - I could kiss you! haha. Spent two hours trying to figure that out… thanks man.

I’ve got one other thing - is there any way to record in Audacity both what i say using headphones and also what i hear? I tried a couple times but it only records what i’m saying and doesn’t pick up what the other person says (which i’m hearing through my headphones).

The only solution i’ve been using is to have no headphones so it picks up my speech and also my friends through the laptop speakers, but obviously the quality of that audio isn’t as good as if it’s picking up both ends of the headphones

You want to record Skype (or similar “voip”)?
That’s difficult to do with Audacity because Skype takes over the audio services.

The way that Skype recommends, is to use their cloud based recorder: