HELP! Can not get USB microphone in list[SOLVED]

Audacity version 2.0.3. Windows 7. Recording from ION Tape Express for mp3 recordings. I installed from online .exe? (not sure now)

I can no longer get the Microphone Array (USB PnP AT… and I can not record on any other setting in that drop down menu. Yesterday it was there and was recording fine, but after shutting down for the night this option has now vanished. Everything else seems to be connected and working well. How can I get this setting back?


I presume that you are wanting to record from the ION Tape Express?
Shut down Audacity, unplug the ION Tape Express, wait about 10 seconds, then plug it in again, checking that the USB cable is secure.
Wait for about a minute to allow Windows time to find the ION Tape Express, then open Audacity.
If still no joy, try rebooting the computer - remember to allow time for Windows to find the ION Tape Express before you open Audacity,

Yes, ION Tape Express. What you suggested hasn’t worked. All the connections are good, the power is coming from the USB port to the tape deck and running it (no batteries in unit) Audacity screen picks up the clicks when I turn the tape on or off. Everything works except I can’t get the correct USB mike setting in the pull down menu, if I could, it would record. Any other suggestions?

Have a look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and check that Windows sees the device and that it is enabled, and the recording volume is turned up.
Then check in the Device Toolbar and ensure that the recording input setting is set to the ION Tape Express.

I removed the USB connection and plugged in something else to test the connection and when I plugged the ION back in, the USB setting was in the drop down menu. (?) I could still not record that tape, just hum, but other tapes are recording so somehow that tape must have lost it’s sound, but at least it’s not the unit. For some reason my computer just did not recognise the USB until I did the above. Thanks Steve, I’m going to save your advice for if it happens again.