HELP!! Burning Track onto a CD


So I created a track (or multiple tracks I guess) that includes a compilation of songs. I have edited them down and now am trying to burn them to a cd. I have followed all the directions on the websites and can’t seem to get the entire thing to play. There are huge pauses in the middle of songs. It will play for 5 seconds, go quiet, and then pick up playing farther along. I also get the following message when trying to export “Your tracks will be mixed down to two stereo channels in the exported file”


I am using a Mac.

Which instructions did you follow? Are you trying to create one seamless mixed track, or a separate track on the CD for each song?

You obviously have multiple tracks in your project. Are any of them muted when you export?

Can you post a screenshot of your project just before you do the export?

What version of Audacity are you using, what Mac model and what version of OS X?

– Bill

I guess “track” has a couple of meanings. We talk about track 1 being the 1st track/song on a CD, but I think you’ve somehow got a multi-track project going. i.e. With multi-track reocordings, you’ve got the singer on one track the guitar on another, etc. etc. Then this is all mixed-down to stereo or 5.1. From what you’ve said, I don’t think you need to do that.

I’m new to Audacity* so I don’t know exactly how to do it, but you need to open separate stereo files and cut, splice, crossfade, mix, or whatever… but you need to keep a stereo “master” or “output” file. You might want to create a new blank stereo file and add the songs to that file.

  • I’m new to Audacity but I’m not new to audio editing. :wink:

Do you still have the Audacity Projects? (.AUP file and _data folder)
If so, do they play correctly?