Help Automating Where Files Are Saved

I work at a non profit that records audio books. For a variety of reasons it is best for our volunteers to not be responsible for where they are getting and saving files. We are going to use Canvas on Salesforce to create a file with all the meta data for all the media we record, including file paths.

What would be the best way to automate the open/ save process to read and write to the paths we have already decided the files belong to?

I’m not that strong of a programmer but I have downloaded and successfully compiled the latest version of Audacity, but I’m a little overwhelmed by all the options. It appears DirectoriesPrefs is pretty key to this endeavor but I’m not sure it’s the whole story.

I was hoping someone had already created such a feature, but if so I was unable to find it. If anyone could point me in the right direction for creating my own changes, I would really appreciate it.


Do you just want a default directory to export files to (or save projects to, or both), or something more? Will this directory be different on every user’s computer?

Have you read ?


Hi Ben!

I was going to point you to my post in another forum but it is exactly the one to which Gale refers. If anything there looks like it might help you let me know and I will post the source on my server so you can download it and play around with it.

However, if you want to be very specific about your needs I could probably customize Audacity for you to do what you want. I generally charge for this kind of work but for nonprofits I will typically do at least a few hours worth of work for free - this sometimes is enough to cover the entire project.