HELP! Audacity Spec-Setting Questions VO Recording

Hey all!

I am having a bit of an issue trying to convert an audio voice recording for an automated-phone system. But I am having a heck of a time getting my recording to match these specs; can anyone help me and walk me through how to get a voice recording to match these specs through Audacity?

ulaw wav
8000 Hz
8 bit
and no louder than -8dB

Thank you!

For recording, use the default “Quality” settings as shown here:

Set the number of channels to “1 channel (mono)” in the device toolbar.

When you have finished recording and editing, select the entire track and apply “Normalization” with the “maximum amplitude” set to -8 dB (

Before you Export, set the “Project Rate” to 8000 :

In the Export dialog ( select “other uncompressed files” as the file type, then click on the “Options” button.
In the Export options, select “WAV (Microsoft)” as the header and “uLaw” as the encoding.