Help: Audacity Crashed, and now my Audio has vanished

I am Using Audacity 2.3.0.

On the project I’m working on, all of my Audio has vanished, except for a minute. All the tracks are still there, but the sound is gone, except for that minute or so which is fine.

What happened was Audacity crashed. I opened it back up, and restored the file. Then I went to look at the log, at it crashed again. When I went back in this time, I restored again, and the file was as I described it. I closed Audacity and went back to the original file, figuring it should be fine, as I hadn’t saved the restored copy after the crash . . . but no, it was all gone in that copy too.

Is there any way to restore things? I’ve attached the file from the Debug Report, if that helps. I’ve also attached the .aup file in question.

Thanks for any help.
Dalek Invasion Pt. 1 Main.aup (834 KB) (107 KB)

For future reference, at that point you should have saved the project with a new name.
Doing that may not have made any difference, but would have been your best chance of recovery.

Do you mean the original “project file” (the “.aup” file)?
Do you still have the original project “_data” folder?

If the file that you posted “Dalek Invasion Pt. 1 Main.aup” is the original project file, then the original project _data folder will be:
“Dalek Invasion Pt. 1 Main_data”