Help an extreme beginner

I have just obtained the Ion turntable and I’m trying to learn how to use Audacity to record my vinyl record and transfer the files to iTunes. There were no instructions with the Audacity that came with the Ion. I have mastered using EZ Vinyl Converter which also came with the Ion. My husband wants me to learn how to use Audacity so I can clean up the popping and hissing in the records.
So can anyone direct me to some easy to understand instructions?


there’s a ton of useful information available on the Audacity site:

Try the Tutorials and the wiki before diving straight into the manual -the FAQ has some good tips too.

Have fun with your conversion project - BTW with regard to removing clicks, Audacity does have a click removal tool but I could never get it to work very well for me, so I bought another piece of s/w for this - see this thread: