Help Across all 2x versions, May be Sound Related

Whenever I try playing a track, I only get silence. I’ve adjusted the timing so it’s not just at the end of a track. I’ve also tried changing the output and speaker in preferences, but nothing either. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling my 2.02 and even the latest, but I’ve been getting the same problem. I really hope someone can help, I’m blind so it’s the only DAW that I can use.

Does anything make noise? Do you get the Windows launch sounders?
Are your headphones dead, too?

Which Windows?


My phones and the rest work fine, it just won’t make any noise. I know that the program actually plays the file because the cursor moves. But even in the latest version it still has the same problem.

SHIFT + O and make sure you are selecting the correct output device.

CTRL + F6 into the toolbars then TAB to Mixer Toolbar. When you are in the Output slider of Mixer Toolbar, use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to adjust the volume.

Quit Audacity and reboot the computer if you still cannot hear audio in Audacity.


Ok, I’ve been trying, but I don’t see where to adjust the volume, could I know what it usually says when I’m on the right setting to adjust? I’m blind so I can’t use visual aids.


Actually, I gave you the Audacity shortcuts assuming you couldn’t see.

You can post the content of Help > Audio Device Info if you like then we could say what output device you should be selecting, but if you want help using the Windows control panels or written instructions how to navigate dialogues using a specific screen reader I would ask on the audacity4blind list .


Alright, adjusted that, and still no luck. Any idea what audio devices I need to change? I’m using a Windows 7 computer with no external speakers or microphone, just my computer and a pair of headphones. I’m not sure if that helps, but I’ve seemingly tried everything else so this must be the core problem.

What exactly did you adjust?

I suggested you post the contents of Help > Audio Device Info.

You need to choose the audio device representing the headphones. Many headphones have their own volume control. Run your fingers down the cord and you may be able to feel a control.

If the headphones device is not listed when you press SHIFT + O, you will have to open the Windows Control Panel and open “Sound”, which should open at the "Playback " tab. You have to right-click in empty space, then put a check mark for “Show Disabled Devices” and “Show Disconnected Devices”. To deliver a right-click, try pressing the menu key on your keyboard.

Then select the headphones device and TAB to Properties. Then navigate to the “Levels” tab, turn the level up and make sure it is not muted.

Another possibility is that you have muted or turned down the Audacity application output slider in the Windows Volume Mixer. To check that, press the Windows key on your keyboard then type “sndvol” (without quotes). Open sndvol in the search results then this will open Volume Mixer. Note that the Audacity output slider does not appear in Volume Mixer until you play some audio in Audacity.

We cannot give exact details how to use Windows without a mouse. That is why I suggested asking on audacity4blind.


Sorry, still nothing. I have tried turning up my computer’s internal volume, adjusted my Audacity device to Smart conexant speakers, I think that’s the right one anyway. Is there a way where I could do a hard reset of my settings even if that means erasing my history in Audacity? Again, I’m sorry if I’m being unclear or illusive, I know next to nothing in terms of sound modification.

You can do a reset of Audacity by checking (putting a tick mark in) the “Reset Preferences” box when you install Audacity. Read here . You will need to quit Audacity then in the installer, press “Next” until you reach the “Select Additional Tasks” dialogue. TAB through the controls in that dialogue, then press SPACE when you hear “Reset Preferences”. Pressing SPACE puts a checkmark in the “Reset Preferences” box.

However this will not change the Audacity output volume and probably won’t even change the Audacity output device.

If reset Preferences does not help you may be better following exactly the steps I posted in for both the “Playback” tab of Windows Sound and for the Windows Sound Mixer. I cannot tell what you have done when you say you turned up the computer’s internal volume.

If you have a sighted friend or colleague it may be a good idea to ask them to help you or ask on audacity4blind ( ).


Would anyone consider using Teamviewer software to try and adjust the output problems? I’ve tried everything on this topic and I still can’t figure out the problem. So I figured, if those who much better qualified than I know what to do, they could remotely access my computer and fix it themselves. I know it sounds questionable, but I cannot think of anything else to try. Thanks for the support anyway.

Have you explicitly followed the suggestions I have made, yes or no?

If you followed what I suggested you are as well qualified as I am.

As I keep hinting to you, this is not a specialist forum for visually impaired users. If you are unable to navigate Windows without a mouse we cannot help you. You should ask for help on audacity4blind where other blind users might be prepared to write down all the navigation steps for you. I’ve tried very hard, but I may be missing small steps out.

Have you used TeamViewer before? Are you able to navigate the QuickSupport module and find your ID and password?


Well, accessibility has never been a problem, I can get into all the menus you’ve suggested. But no matter what devices I try, it still yields the same results.

To repeat:

Have you used TeamViewer before? Are you able to navigate the QuickSupport module and find your ID and password?

A straight “yes” or “no”, please.

Generally, please help us by saying exactly what you have done (with names of the controls or dialogues) when suggestions are made to you. This would have saved much time. “I did this” (without quoting or referencing a suggestion) is useless.


Ok, I changed my output device to Conexant SmartAudio and speakers to the same. That’s all I’ve done to the program.

Have you rebooted the computer (complete shut down - wait a moment - restart) ? Audacity can occasionally stop producing audio just like occasionally, the recording cursor can get stuck at time zero. Try that.

If you send me a private message with your Team Viewer ID and password, together with times (UTC) when your computer is available, I will take a look just this once. If I do, it’s entirely at your risk.

Otherwise I strongly recommend audacity4blind. We don’t have the resources to help you on the Forum with your specialised needs.