HELP about V 2.40 (SOLVED)

Hi everyone

I have a serious problem with Audacity 2.40.

Installation runs fine but when running the program, an alert is displayed “unable to find any audio device”.

I had not this problem with V 2.33

I run Windows 7 64 bits, 8 Go Ram, AMD 4 cores processor FX 4130, graphic card is Amd radeon HD 6450. My firewall is Comodo and antivirus is AVG free. Device audio is Realtek High Defintion Audio integrated in motherboard (Asrock 990FX Extreme3).

I tried to run with all protections of Comodo disabled: no more device audio found

Tell me if you need a log and where to find it.

I’m french but can understand english.

Thanks in advance for your help


If you’ve not done so already, try rebooting the computer, then launch Audacity and see if there are any devices shown in the Device Toolbar.

After a reboot the same alert is displayed. I forgot that it was also written “internal portaudio error”

No device shown anywhere in the toolbar.

If it cant help : with V2.33 there was MME and my audio devices in each fields.

I’d suggest that you go back to Audacity 2.3.3 for now.
There has been another, probably unrelated issue affecting Audacity 2.4.0, so there is likely to be a bug-fix release soon.

Audacity 2.3.3 is currently available for download from our CDN partner, FossHub:

OK thank you, I’ll rollback to V2.33.

A thought - if your operating system has recently been updated or another software change has taken place, it is worth checking that Stereo Mix is present and enabled. That is probably required as input for Audacity.

BOSCO2321 is using Windows 7, which is no longer supported by Microsoft, so no updates.

Hi Steve,

I downloaded the 2.41 release and installed it: the same problem is still present.

Message: (translated to english) “unable to find an audio device - internal portaudio error”

I need your help. in the meantime I go back to version 2.33.


Hi Steve
Please ignore my previous post because I solved the problem.

I’ve two audio devices:
The output for the speakers and the output for the sound supplied to the hdmi output.

I disabled the hdmi output and now Audacity works. But this means that Audacity when initializing takes the first device it finds and if there is an incompatibility it goes wrong without looking for another device.
This means for me that the error handling of this program on audio devices is not optimal . Maybe the developers should see this as a problem.

Super :slight_smile: Well done.

Audacity actually selects whatever device the sound system says is the default device.
A computer may have multiple audio devices that work, but Audacity has no idea which one the user wants to use.

The Device Toolbar is deliberately enabled by default because the user is expected to select the recording / playback devices that they want to use.

For your information the default device was the loud speakers output when the problem occured. Developers should look how the V 2.33 handle the list of devices and then choose the one which is the default device. There’s necessarily a difference of initialization between V 2.33 and V2.40,2.41.

Thank you for your availability.

Hi Steve

another good new:

I wanted to set the Amd HDMI sound output and try playing back sound files: Nothing no matter what software is used to play back.
I went into the device manager and saw in the “Drivers” tab that Windows 7 suggested to go back to the previous driver, I did it. And then, HDMI sound was working again, and Audacity recognized this driver and all my other sound software. Audacity even gave me the choice between speakers and HDMI.

In conclusion, this problem came from a driver that was malfunctioning or corrupted. It was from 2016 and I came back to the driver originally provided which was from 2013 but it works! :slight_smile:

But apparently Audacity since version 2.40 doesn’t like the presence of a bad driver even if it is not defined by default.