Help a noob

So Im using Audacity to make music and do covers. I did vocal remover and then sang to this song. I feel like its dull and there is no depth to it. I don’t know how to describe what I hear lol but it doesn’t sound like “studio” versions. How do I make it sound more like a “studio recording”?

Sorry! We can’t find that track.


Sorry I deleted the last one forgetting about this post :frowning:

You seem to be doing the microphone and room thing OK, so you can probably sneak a little echo in there. Just on your voice and don’t go nuts, the object is not for it to sound like a bathroom. There are other echo generators than the one in Audacity.

You might also try a little Auto Tune. I don’t remember if we found a third-party plug-in for that or not. I need to look.



Audacity now has a much better (and easier to use) reverb effect built in:

Thats the problem i dont know how to use reverb and auto tune stuff lol…

The vocal has a resonance effect like you’re singing down a tube, this shows up on the frequency analysis as big valleys at 4.25kHz and 9.5kHz …
valleys at 4-25kHz and 9-5kHz shouldn't be there.gif
The valley at 4-25kHz is particularly detrimental as it will make your voice sound muffled/dull : a bit like you’re on the phone.
These valleys could be due to the physical design of the microphone , which may be designed for telephone-quality speech.

:confused: I have no idea what any of that means. Nor do I know how to “fix” it. lol…like I said, noob.

You can use the Audacity’s equalizer to remove the valleys from the frequency analysis and make the vocal brighter, or try another microphone which is designed for recording music , rather than one just fit for Skype.

I have one that is supposedly for “recording music” and I used Treble boost for equalizer…

Which microphone do you have? Model number?