Help a complete noob

Hey guys a few friends and I want to do a funny remix to the rap song “Put On.” All I need to know is what would be the best way to go about this. Like what mic should we buy and can we record over a beat? All we want to do is this one song so we dont want to have to spend too much money.Also is there any tips I need to know? Sorry for all the questions but I am extremely new to this.


A good start would be to have a read of some of the appropriate tutorials in teh Audacity Wiki:

Some of the “Off-site” ones that are listed are quite good too.


Thank you

Now remember that we are not expecting this to sound like we did this in professional studio however we would like it to be decent quality with that being said would this microphone work work?

That is likely to give disappointing results.
I think that something like this will work much better:

<<<would this microphone work work? >>>

I have one of those. They work OK, but they’re tuned for more like an IP phone call than performance recording.

USB microphones can record really well, but remember the down side of USB is the limited cable length. You can’t run hundreds of feet of microphone cable like you can with a conventional microphone and sound mixer (both way out of your price range). How quiet are your computer fans?

Since you’re only going to do one recording (that idea won’t last long) you don’t have any friends that already have a simple sound setup?