Hellowww out there...

Please help with the track timer being not inaccurate. I set it for an our (recording a radio show) and it doesn’t stop until a couple hours later. What gives? Thanks in advance

Your topic title is not very helpful, also you have not said which version of Audacity you are using, what platform you are on, or what steps you took to set the record timer.

Using 1.3 Beta and I follow the rules of setting the timer, I set the hour/min’s start time and set it to shut down in on hour but it goes about 2 hours before it cuts out. What gives? Thanks in advance

Oh, I’m using Windows XP (sorry)

Does your system clock work OK?

It’s not a problem that I’ve come across before, so unless you made a mistake when you set the timer, that’s the only thing I can think of.

If there is a problem with the system clock, you could try changing the on-board lithium cell battery.

Thank you for your reply…I’m not sure about the system clock but my clock in my task bar is correct. (Does that mean the system clock is correct?) I have researched everything about the timer settings procedure and am very confident that all is right, how can you go wrong? You set the start time (date/hrs/mins/seconds) and set the end date/time of the duration of the recording, pretty simple. ??? Thanks

Try the following:
Check that the clock on your computer is correct to the second, then turn your computer off for at least a day, and then switch it on with it DISCONNECTED from the internet. If the time is still correct (to the second) then there’s nothing wrong with the clock or battery.

Regarding setting the timer wrong - as you say it’s very simple - you can check that the “Duration” is correct as well.

Is this problem repeatable, or was it just a “one off”?


Or, if you’re the adventurous type and don’t have a lot of time, do you know how to get into the CMOS Setup Panel? Sometimes it’s DEL or F1 while the machine is starting. Usually the first page of the CMOS panel has the readout of the hardware clock–not Windows’ clock. If you change that one, it will stay adjusted and it doesn’t matter whether you’re connected to an Internet Time Server or not.


It would totally be good to know if it happened more than once. And if you have the real numbers, that would help, “I set it for 60:00 duration and it went for 123:37.”

Then try a 30:00 duration show. I need that to answer the question of whether it really stopped at 123:37, or that’s just where it ran out of hard drive to put the recording–like it really ended itself and wasn’t paying attention to the timer at all.

Instead of 60:00 duration, try an oddball number; 59:58 duration. Some programs roll to hours, some don’t. Cool Edit doesn’t. I need to set 127 minutes, not two hours and seven minutes.

Set a five minute recording and work up. Did that one go for 10 minutes?


I’m surprised by this because the timere record in 1.3 has always worked extremely well for me - absolutely accurate. Are you sure that you are not confusing the stop time and the duration - you can set either of these but each will affect the other.