Hello Need Help With Recording

I got a mic so I’ve started recording but sometimes i can’t hear myself.
I need help with mixing cause i’m doing a mix tape. Can anyone help me?
Any videos that can help me?

Thanks for your time

I killed your other post. You should not hang a different conversation from the bottom of somebody else’s post. Those are impossible to answer. We’ll deal with this one. Koz

Hearing yourself sometimes doesn’t work so well on a Windows machines, but if you want to try it:

Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough (select)
Edit > Preferences > Devices > Playback > Device,

Make sure the device is pointed at your headphones. If you like to use a USB microphone, the playback side of the computer can get switched around without you knowing. Also, if you like to use Skype, Skype can grab the services as well. If you slide into and out of Skype and USB equipment, the sound can seem to get seriously cranked around.

Mix Tape

How are you doing a mix tape? Do you have a mixer and multiple turntables?


Hello Koz thanks for help comrad. My apologies for other post. Can you help me with mixing? I’m adding instrumentals and i’m recording from my mic they need help to make sounds fair from both. Also if i want to add a scene for a youtube video onto my video could you help me with that too?

Thanks lad.

I’m doing a mixtape by adding instrumentals from youtube and putting it on audacity. I want the sounds from the instrumental and what’s been recording on my mic to be equal. Nothing to high and nothing to low. Trying to do that in audacity. That’s what i mean by mixing. Or maybe it’s called equalization. DO you get me?

Audacity is not a video editor, only audio.

Have you enabled Transport > Software Playthrough so you can now hear yourself recording? There may be better ways to hear yourself. What version of Windows are you on?

Note that you should have copyright permission to reuse instrumentals from YouTube. I suggest you read the licensing of the videos.

If the instrumentals and your voice are on separate tracks, CTRL + A then Effect > Normalize to make both tracks have the same peak volume. If the combined volume then distorts, reduce the gain slider -…+ on both tracks by the same amount.

If the instrumentals and your voice are in the same track, you will have to drag-select the pieces that are at the wrong volume and use Effect > Amplify. You can select a bit that is at the correct volume and use Effect > Amplify just to see what the correct-sounding peak level is. Peak level is not always a good guide to how loud it sounds, so you may need to experiment to choose the correct level in Amplify.

Assuming you are recording the instrumentals using stereo mix, then try adjusting the output level in the browser player so it sounds at the same kind of volume before recording it. You can then tweak the input level itself for stereo mix in Audacity Mixer Toolbar .


Thanks I Got, can you help me put youtube videos like a scene ex(speech) into a hook. How to do that. I know you have to use movie creater etc. can you help me?

Audacity is not a video editor. You will need to look in the Help for the video editor you are using.


Hey guys thanks for the help. I’m still trying to get my instrumental and my voice to sound good together. Can you help get my microphone to sound better? If you have any ideas please feel free. Frustrated but can you please help me! I appreciate all your doing thanks.

Recording your voice isn’t easy. Export some of your voice by itself as a high-quality MP3 (256 quality or better) and post it here. We can’t judge your microphone if we can’t hear it.