"Hello" and such

Hi. Just joined this forum. I’ve been using Audacity since 2008, and have watched its development to the latest version (3.3.3). It’s taken me some acclimation, and it took me a while to realize that Leveler (one of my main uses for Audacity) had been absorbed into a set of effects. I like the version 3’s live preview of effects. I’m glad that drag/drop into the timeline is back.
The understandable tendency of some users is to want Audacity to become more like a DAW, but I suppose that, since Audacity is open-source, someone could add DAW-like features (MIDI control of virtual instruments, for example) to their version of it. I’m glad that I can use Audacity strictly for editing. However, I have also created sound-art projects and quasi-musical pieces by manipulating audio solely with the Audacity’s “legacy” effects, and multi-tracking and mixing them right in Audacity.

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