Helicopter filter?

My challenge is to create an affect where two voices narrating a flythrough sound like they are in a helicopter. The wah-wah filter came close but I have not been succesful. I would like not only the whop-whop sound of the blades but also that high pitched sort of whine, all the while the voices clearly audible. Any ideas for a newby?]

Yes, get some helicopter sounds and layer them on top of the original voices.

You’ll also want to process the voices directly in order to lower the quality to make it sound like it was recorded with a headset mic in an open-air environment.

Here are a few starting points for that:

I would also recommend a very subtle usage of the Hard Limiter. Leave the Wet Level at 1.0 and the Residue between 0.0 and 0.1. Then gradually turn the dB Limit down until it sounds slightly distorted. Combine that with the EQ effect in that second link and I think it would sound pretty good. I would recommend using the EQ effect first and then the Hard Limiter second.

I did the voice thing once for someone who already had the plane noise.


It goes a long way to get really close to a microphone while you’re talking. That gives you the highly compressed popped Ps and smashed sounding voice. Everything else is heavily filtering everything between 300 and 3000 (telephone voice) and I believe I kept increasing the volume even though it started to clip.