Hebrew UI has too agressive justifiaction to the right [CLOSED]


After setting the UI of the program to Hebrew each new session / new project ALL the justification of the UI changes to RTL, this includes many places that should not be justified RTL (but keep LTR)

examples of wrongly RTL:

  1. the splash screen starts with a totally flipped text (attached)
  2. the main screen has the all the sound samples rotated to the right, and even the time numbers in this part are flipped. (attached)
  3. All order of the icons on the top bars are flipped.
  4. Under edit → pref → interface, all the drop-down boxes are hidden! (attached)
    It is totally impossible to work on the program with this flipped UI!

    If I start the program with the interface language set to English and then change it to Hebrew, the interface is good: all the UI is still LRT and only the text in the menus changes to Hebrew (attached)
    This is the correct way the UI should be, and now the program is usable.
    The problem is if I close and open the program or press Ctrl+N the UI flips again to it’s wrong way.

I would be happy to help you fix this.

Tested on V2.3 (and 2.2.2) on windows 10 64bit

the correct way.JPG

The previous version is fine

Which version is fine?
Which platform? (Windows, Mac or Linux)

2.0.2 Windows

Could you post some screenshots of 2.0.2 on Windows with Hebrew selected so that I can log what the differences are (I’m not on Windows and I don’t have a RTL language installed).

ללא שם.png

Thanks. I’ve logged this on the Audacity bug tracker.
I suspect that the difference is due to the recent update from WxWidgets 3.0 to 3.1.

Version 2.1.0 on windows also works fine.
I will stick with this until the fix will come.

Is there a way around the problem?

Until the problem is fixed, I think the only workaround is to set Audacity to use a “Left to Right” language (such as English).

A fix has just been made that should resolve at least part of the problem and hopefully make the next release at least as usable in RTL languages as previous versions. Would either of you be willing to test the fix and let us know about any residual issues?

I am waiting for the revised version
And I’ll let you know if it’s without a hitch

I will be happy to try it out

Unfortunately the problems seem to go deeper than it first appeared. Hopefully I’ll have more information for you guys over the next couple of days.

God will help you

I’m closing this bug as there have been significant improvements to RTL language handling.
If you wish to discus any remaining issues, please feel free to start a new topic.