Heavy delay/reverb effect when trying to record new track

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the forum and could really sue some help. I started using Audacity (Windows 7) a few months ago and recorded a song without any issues. I wanted to re-record the guitar track so I deleted the original and now when ever I hit the record button the guitar has all sorts of delay/reverb effect added. I’m not sure what I did to cause this but now I can’t seem to get rid of the effect. I do not want to start the project over.

Just an FYI, if I just play the track and play the guitar over it without recording there is none of the delay/reverb effect added.

Anyone have any ideas?

Make sure [u]software Playthrough is off[/u]. And, don’t monitor yourself with speakers while recording. :wink:

Thank you for the input but that’s not the issue. I tried it and then you can’t hear the original backing track that I created. The only time I get the weird effect is when I’m over dubbing a new track onto the current project. Oddly, the backing track sounds normal with no effects. It’s just the new guitar track that has the weird echo/delay.

What equipment are you using? What are your device choices (all four boxes) in Device Toolbar?

Given appropriate device choice, you can hear the original backing if Transport > Overdub is on, whether software playthrough is on or off.

You should not be using software playthrough to listen to yourself recording because this adds delay. Direct monitor in the headphones output of your USB mic or interface.

If you are trying to do this with a built-in soundcard, turn off Windows Recording Enhancements.