heavily one sided audio

Hi, i have a 16 bit mono wav. Unfortunately, the material is geared heavily one-sided. I mean, a wave goes in positive territory only to about 0.3,but in negative territory to -0.8.
Am I right in assuming that this is for the speaker not so good, or the negative impact on quality?

How can I fix it? I will not get to better material!

Sorry for my bad english!



Human voices are never even top to bottom. I am able to edit a favorite radio show very easily because one announcer’s voice goes up more and the other announcer does down. I don’t even have to listen for the edits. This is normal and it doesn’t effect speakers.

Speakers can be damaged if the middle of the waves isn’t at 0. That can be a serious problem.


You can also have problems if the sound isn’t natural, made by physical musical devices like guitars or drums. If a computer generated the sound, it’s possible for the waves to be highly unusual and that may damage speakers.


thank you very much, so I don’t hesitate on it!