Hearing myself when recording/playthrough=off [CLOSED]


Despite the software playthrough turned off (as is by default) I hear myself through my headphones (+the related latency) when I record my voice.
Whichever combination of host, mic and speaker I try, I don’t manage to get rid of my voice.

My default configuration is as follows:

  • Shure mic connected to Asus Xonar DG audio soundcard
  • Headphones connected to Asus Xonar DG audio soundcard

MME selected
Asus selected for mic and speakers

Thanks for helping me out!


It’s not a plain soundcard. It’s an Asus Xonar DG, Dolby 5.1 surround, Immersive Gaming Action SoundCard!!

Do you on occasion like to record internet audio? Are you aware of the settings to do that? It sounds like those settings are still active giving you everything playing in the computer in your headphones. That’s not necessarily an Audacity thing.

Audacity should have a plain soundcard or device to record from and to play to.

Do you get your voice twice, once immediately and once with the latency delay?

Apparently getting the software drivers and settings correct on this soundcard is a career move.

Utterly fed up, I stripped all the drivers from my PC once again. This time, I physically removed the card again.


Thanks Koz, I think you are on the right track. Will check it ASAP.

Indeed, using another soundcard (Realtek) did the trick.

Thanks Koz to show me the way!