Hearing a Recording

I am new to Audacity. I have installed and have tried to use it to record a radio station. I have gone to the radio station and had the music coming out of my Mac speakers. I have then gone to the Audacity play page and pressed record. After a few minutes I have shut off the radio station wound back and pressed play but I am not getting any sound. I have done obvious things like having the sound turned up on Audacity but what am I missing? Is there something else I need to adjust please?

You don’t need to go well into the show to be able to tell whether or not you are getting a recording. Audacity has bouncing recording sound meters and collects blue waves on a timeline when everything is going well.

If you have flat lines and no bounces, then you don’t have a recording.

gone to the radio station

This is where getting the words right is handy. You opened up the radio station in your browser so that it plays on your Mac.

Macs don’t have any native way to record themselves like many Windows machines do. However, we do have SoundFlower which is a software package that can reassign Mac sound pathways.

Scroll down to where the Mac instructions split off.



Hi, thanks for the response to my initial question. This was really helpful and I have now downloaded and installed Soundflower. However, when I go into the Application folder for Soundflower I am not having any joy in launching the Soundflowerbed program. What am I missing please?

To be clear, Soundflower is not made by Audacity.

Are you following Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Mac?

Are you looking in the menu bar when you are in Finder?

The Soundflowerbed icon does not appear in the menu bar of apps other than Finder. Soundflowerbed does not open a dialogue in a separate window.

We assume of course that you have copyright holders’ permission to record the radio station.