Hear myself on headphones while recording


I am using the Harley Benton DNAfx GiT https://www.thomann.de/se/harley_benton_dnafx_git.htm

I am recording in Audacity v. 2.4.2 (Win10) via the USB OTG on the multi effect to my computer 's USB port.

When I plug in my headphones to the Harley Benton multi effect I can hear the sound of my guitar.

But when I record a new track on top of the drum tracks, I can not hear what I am recording through the amp. The sound comes when I plug the headphones in the computer’s headphone input.

So, how do I hear what I am recording while listening to the already recorded drum tracks when I am wearing headphones.

The recording is set to Harley Benton DNAfx GiT and playback device is set to my computer’s speakers.

It may not be possible to hear both the live guitar and the recorded track through your headphones at the same time with that equipment.

To hear the live signal from the DNAfx without a delay, you have to use the DNAfx headphone jack.

To hear the recorded tracks through your headphones you have to plug your headphones into the “Playback” device that is selected in the Device Toolbar.

I don’t know if the DNAfx will work as a playback device. If it will, then you just need to select the DNAfx as the playback device in the Device Toolbar, but I don’t know if the DNAfx supports that functionality.

There’s some information about overdubbing in the manual: Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs - Audacity Manual

On page 45 of your manual, Section 6.7 OTG function, it says, “The device can be used as an audio interface with a smartphone or tablet.
Connect the device to a smartphone or tablet using an OTG cable. The device is connected for recording audio or video recordings on the mobile

So I take that to mean you can only record using the OTG function. I am hopeful (I do not know) that the other USB port will give you full record/playback functionality.

I hope this helps. :smiley: