Headsets and phone call recording

Is there any way you can use a headset to record a phone conversation with Audacity?

Sure. Connect your headset to your telephone as normal and before your put the headset on, put one of these in your ear on the same side as the ear muff. If you have two muffs, it doesn’t make any difference.

It’s an Olympus TP-7 recorder microphone.

Plug this whole assembly (UCA202 and adapters. If you buy an Olympus TP-8, you won’t need the little 2/3 adapter connector) into your computer, start Audacity and set the Audacity Preferences to look for and record from a USB Audio Device.

Start Audacity recording and set the levels for average peaks at -6 or so on the red sound meters. You can make them bigger by click-dragging the right edge to the right so you can see what’s going on.

Make the call normally. This will work with any cellphone, any telephone and any service with a headset. It doesn’t easily work with Skype because the recording and the phone call need to be on different computers. If you have two, then that works, too.


hey Koz

thanks for the photo in that reply. because of the inclusion of that little StarTech USB to minijack adapter, you have solved another little issue for me :smiley:


I make phone calls through my computer using a headset. I want to be able to record my phone calls but when I use audacity it only records what I am saying and not what the person on the line is saying as well. I thought the solution you offered above would work for me but it doesn’t seem to be working for me and I am wondering if it is possible at all.

The headset that I use to make calls has two plugs, one to connect my headphones and one to connect my mic. I have a TP-8 that I have plugged into the second mic jack in the computer and have tried adjusting settings on audacity but it still is only recording what I am saying and not picking up what I am hearing. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me?


I want to be able to record my phone calls

You don’t have “Phone Calls.” you have Skype calls or other IP/internet-based service. You’re not using a cellphone or landline. You need a recorder that “knows” how to deal with your service. In the case of Skype, the Pamela software recorders have been valuable. The lower two licenses have restrictions and the upper two don’t.


There is another software package that will do this but I don’t have the name to hand. SkypeRecorder? I know we had SPAM problems with one of these packages.

Alternately, you can plug the TP8 and USB adapter into a second computer that doesn’t have to deal with Skype voice management.

You may not need a computer at all. I haven’t tried this, but I’m supposed to be able to plug my TP7 into my iPod and record that way.