Headset voice delay when recording

I’ve got a new Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen studio with a new Mac. When I start recording, my voice in the headset is delayed/echoed. Is this defined as latency? If so, please advise.

If you turned on “Software Playthrough”, turn it off again (Transport menu > Transport options)

That and you should be listening to the Scarlett not the computer.

There’s two latencies. Machine Latency is your own voice coming back to you late, and Recording Latency where you set Audacity so your new voice lines up with the backing track when you play the performance. Recording Latency you can set in Audacity adjustments.


Machine Latency you’re stuck with. You almost always have to listen to your interface, device or microphone to get rid of that.

That thing to the left of the computer is a Behringer UM2. The headphones are plugged into that, not the computer. That would work for overdubbing.