Headset sound and microphone.

Hello, everyone,
I’ve already searched for information, but I haven’t found anything… For the moment…
I’m using version 2.3.3 of Audacity.
What settings do I need to make to record the sound coming into my headphones AND the sound from my headphone microphone. It’s a headset plugged into USB.
I can record the sound from the headphones or the sound from the microphone. But separately.
If you can help me, I’m interested.

my headphones AND the sound from my headphone microphone.

That’s a headset. A matched set of headphones and microphone.

That may look like one thing and that’s how it appears on the receipt when you bought it, but electrically, it’s two different things and Audacity will only record from one device at a time.

That’s actually multiple problems. If you’re using the headset in Zoom, Skype or any programs like that, or Games, the app is going to take over the sound services (that’s how they work) and what you want doesn’t matter.

The apps became famous for making chat services look simple, so everybody naturally assumes you can push a button and record everything.

Not that easy.