Headset/microphone via usb

Hi all,

I’m not a techie and have been making recordings for the visually impaired for several years using a Logitech headset with microphone, via usb. The engineers I work with repeatedly comment how clear and crisp the sound is. Unfortunately, the headset mic seems to be dying, as it intermittently goes static-y. I bought a Logitech ProChat yesterday, with very poor playback quality, that I’ll take back. Anyone know this one: Logitech Premium USB Headset 350. It’s 5x as expensive, so I’d love input before shelling out. Better suggestions? Huge thanks!

Do you need the playback? If not there are some great USB Mics out there. I had a cheapo one from Amazon that was £19.99 yet the sound was really good and I used it for recordings. You could also get an XLR to USB converter. Obviously you’re paying for the headphones as well in a headset.

I record audio books, so need to hear what I’ve recorded with clarity, if that’s what you mean by playback. Thanks!

P.S. the cheapo from amazon is what’s not working well for me…


So perhaps investing in a good mic and some speakers may be better than a headset? I am just worried a headset mic won’t cut it, especially for your use where clarity is 100% important.

I guess that’s always an option. I’ve just had such good luck with the simple usb headphone mic. Too bad they don’t make this one anymore. Thanks.

Yeah, nothing wrong with them! I just think you’d do yourself justice with something a little more professional. There’s always something like http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/22036-behringer-podcastudio-usb.html which is essential my current kit but I have a better mixer and usb interface.