Headset Mic volume control Audacity 2.0.5

Hi everyone,

I have used Audacity on Windows quite a bit and now I have Ubuntu Studio running on Lubuntu 14.04.
The headset jack on my Odroid U3+ is working but the level of the mic is too high. The track plays back
on both the headset and the monitor through HDMI. On Audacity the mic level control says “Unavailable;
use system mixer.” and you can’t move it. I have tried all the mixers, none of them work. I am using
JACK Audio Connection Kit and both speaker and mic choices are “system” as this is the only thing
that works, but the level is much too high on the mic. The “Mixers and Card Control” choices are:

  • Alsamixergui
    Audio Mixer
    Jack Mizer
    PulseAudio Volume Control

but none of these will change the mic level.

Any ideas?

thanks - PJ

JACK Audio Connection Kit is running
ALSA Mixer Gui shows Master and Capture but they don’t do anything as far as I can see
jack_mixer is equally useless
Volume Control says there is no application recording but Audacity records anyway, just mic too loud

run alsamixer in terminal, tab to "F4:[Capture] and it says
“This sound device does not have any capture controls.”
tab to “F5:[All]” you have two choices with ^ Main Mic or Headset Mic
same message either way and Audacity records the headset mic either way, always too loud

It’s not actually a headset, it’s a iMM-6 microphone which has a headphone jack on it, and it all works, just no control