headset does not display in preferences:recording device

Audacity 2.0.4 mac 10.8.4 I have my logitech G330 headset plugged in to mac (using the rc plugs, not usb). I selected preferences in Audacity, then in box selected devices. It list interface, play back and recording boxes that have drop down selections. The recording has options for Device: and Channels: Clicking on Device only allows for built-in input. My Logitech G330 headset does not appear in drop down. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If your Mac connections look like this…


And you plugged your analog headset into those two connections, then Built-In-Input (and possibly built-in Microphone) are the only connections you have. USB headsets announce themselves digitally over the USB connection.

It’s possible the microphone isn’t going to work anyway, the little circle with two black arrows is the stereo Line-In, not Microphone in. Some Macs can switch.

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input. Or consult your Mac instructions.