I have had some ongoing problems with Audacity that seemed to defy any reasonable solutions. Then, the other day, I noticed a small, white tag on the end of the wire on the headphones. It looked like a truck that had been Xed out – but upon closer inspection, it could have passed for a splitter … and so it was. New, stronger headphones seem to be working quite well, especially with the static and the sudden flat-lines while recording. So many things can go wrong, it is like getting lost in a forest! Hope this helps someone.
Skyscraper :wink:

This thing ? …
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It just means “don’t throw it in the trash” : it shoud be recycled as “e-waste”.

Headphones can’t cause “flatline” (a.k.a. dropout a.k.a. skipping) on the Audacity display, possible solutions here … Missing features - Audacity Support